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    If you are interested in woodcraft, the Guild is for you.
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    The Guild holds an Annual Exhibition so that members can show their work to colleagues and the public. By subnitting their work to critical evaluation by professional judges, members are able to improve the disign, construction methods and finish of craftwork.

  • 2019 Exhibition
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    Guild Sale at South.Point
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SawStop work

The Guild has skilled members able to “accredit” other members to safely operate most of the machines in the Shed.

The Guild’s Accreditation policy and procedures are accessible below. Accreditation has two levels.  The first level is focused on SAFETY – the safe use of equipment by the user, ensuring that you, the user understand the risks associated with machine use and measures to ensure that you operate each –  knowing what NOT to do as well as what TO do. We will also ensure that you are able to keep the machine clean and tidy after each use, ready for the next person. The second level of accreditation focuses on expert use and will be part of specific workshops or courses. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have training sessions related to equipment specifically used by SIG members.

Accreditation involves completing a practical session and test on the information provided. While Accreditation means members can operate Guild equipment unsupervised, members (whether new to woodwork or whose use of the Guild’s equipment is infrequent) are expected to ask for assistance of more experienced Guild operators until confident of independent use.

Details of practical sessions for accreditation on specific items of the Guild’s equipment will appear in the Guild Calendar. Go to the Calendar page and click on the Categories drop-down (top left) and select ACCREDITATION. Go to the Month drop-down (on the right) and select Agenda.  A list of all upcoming Accreditation days will be displayed.

The days scheduled for 2020 are:

  • 12 January
  • 28 March
  • 14 June
  • 22 August
  • 7 November

Our Accreditation Officer, who coordinates the four or so accreditation workshops on the equipment most in demand by members, is Carol Croxford. (accreditation@woodcraftguild.org.au.)

  • Note these sessions do not include Lathe accreditation – speak to turning SIG coordinators for further detail..

It is important that you have a good knowledge of the notes that are provided below before starting on a practical accreditation session.  You will find related Online tests under the OH&S / ‘Safety Accreditation Tests’ tabs once you log into the member only part of this website

Accreditation Policy and Procedures

Bandsaw Accreditation Notes
Thicknesser Accreditation Notes

Jointer Accreditation Notes

Router Accreditation Notes
Table Saw Accreditation Notes
Drop Saw Accreditation Notes
Drum Sander Accreditation Notes
Scroll Saw Accreditation Notes
Bench Grinder Accreditation Notes

If you are keen to get accredited to use our tools and machines independently email accreditation@woodcraftguild.org.au to arrange a suitable time. Make sure that you read the notes and pass the online accreditation test before you attend.

OH&S Policy and Procedures can be viewed here.