March 9, 2016 all-day
WCG Shed Lions Youth Haven

Box Making with Fred Buckley.
The course will run for six weeks each Wednesday from 9-00 am to 4-30 pm from 9 March to 13 April 2016 at the Shed.
My boxmaking courses are designed to allow students to develop their woodworking skills. Boxmaking encompasses all the skills necessary to become a proficient woodworker and provide the foundation for stepping up to more complex furniture and cabinet making projects. You will gain a an appreciation and understanding of the fundamental skills of accuracy in marking out and measuring, planing and preparing timber components, how to saw accurately and consistently, using chisels for paring and clearing out waste from dovetail joints, sanding and finishing.
As with previous courses we will be making a traditional jewellery box. It will have dovetail joins for the carcass, a mitred lid with a veneered panel and inlaid stringing, a sliding internal tray with dividers and fitted hinges. The base and the tray will be lined with microsuede and the box will have a shellac and wax finish.
Materials available include blackwood, or elm. Other timbers are available on request. However, as I machine and prepare all the component material for the boxes prior to the commencement of the course you will need to let me know if you prefer a different timber or if you wish to use and prepare your own timber. I will provide a choice of different veneers for the lids. With regard to the hinges and the lining I suggest that decisions on these be made during the course when individual choices become clear.
Fee for the course is $600 plus material cost for the timber of $50
If you have any questions please contact my on 0419250993

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