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    The Guild holds an Annual Exhibition so that members can show their work to colleagues and the public. By subnitting their work to critical evaluation by professional judges, members are able to improve the disign, construction methods and finish of craftwork.

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Workshops Gallery

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 A range of Workshops, training activities and collective problem-solving sessions are held by the Guild at various times. A number of such activities that have been held over the past few years are listed below, with links to longer articles and pictures where these are available. We  hope this gives members and prospective members an insight into the range of activities that are available from time to time.

Marquetry using a knife. Robin Cromer and Don Rowland, 18 March 2018 (click for more information)

Sharpening techniques  – which one for you, Peter  Rogers, 9th November 2017

Box Making with  a Gifkins Jig, Robin Cromer , November 6th- 8th 2017 (click for more information)

Plane fettling and blade sharpening,  Jim Davy,  3oth October 2017

Marquetry with metals, Don Rowland, 23rd April 2017

Carving Netsuke with Hape Kiddle 23rd-24th March 2017

Click here for picture

Introduction to spoon carving for School students with Hape Kiddle 22nd March 2017

Click here for  picture

Creative Carving Workshop with Hape Kiddle 24th – 26th November 2016

Click here to view pictures from the workshop

Introduction to wood carving Workshop with Mike Davies (Record Tools) November 7th 2016

Introduction to Wood turning and lathe accreditation – 29/30 October 2016, led by Richard Raffan

Click here to view pictures from the workshop.

Richard Rafffan made End Grain Boxes  so easy … a Workshop on 27th  28th  August 2016

Click here to view an article and pictures of the workshop.

The Parquetry workshop, David McEwan and Don Rowland, 17th July 2016

Bench Making Workshop, Fred Buckley and Ian Guthridge. July 12th-16th 2016

Router Project – Angus Watson April 30th – 1st May 2016

Intricacies of Box making – being a perfectionist  with Fred Buckley –  April 2016

Click here to see a report and pictures of this workshop.

Terry Martin presented a demonstration on turning and embellishing techniques at the Shed on 25 November 2015.

Click here to view an article and pictures of highlights from the demonstration.

Zina Burloiu presented a chip carving workshop at the Shed on 18 November 2015.

Click here to view an article and pictures of highlights from the workshop.

Making marquetry with a knife, Robin Cromer and Don Rowland, 21st June 2015.

Workshop on scroll saw and fretsaw marquetry, with Don Rowland, 23rd and 30th May 2015.

A “Creative” Weekend, held at the Shed in March 2014 was a great success.

Click here to view article and pictures from the Creative Weekend

Introduction to Wood-turning weekend – March 2014

After four successful woodturning courses during 2013, another introductory course was held over the weekend of 15th and 16th March 2014. Ten students successfully completed a day of spindle turning followed by a day of bowl (faceplate) turning. Pictures of the completed items, students at the lathe and a group photograph can be viewed by clicking here.

Alpha chair day at the Shed – January 2014

Evan Dunstone of Dunstone Design is producing chair “kits” that can be put together and finished by wood workers with a reasonable level of experience. Six members of the Guild set about putting together a kit chair with Evan in attendance for guidance.

An article and pictures from the Alpha Chair day can be viewed here

Introduction to Woodturning – November 2013

Click here for an article by Ray Halpin about the two-day course that was held in November 2013.

Marquetry with metals, Don Rowland, 21 July 2013.

Introduction to marquetry, with Don Rowland, 16th June 2013.

 Introduction to Woodturning – January and March 2013

Dan watching Evelyn ChiaThe first training sessions for 2013 were for members who were interested in getting started on woodturning. They were two-day workshops and students were given demonstrations on spindle (or between centers) turning the first day and bowl (face plate) turning on the second day. After each demonstration of a particular technique, students then had an opportunity to try it themselves under the guidance of a tutor. The first two-day session was held on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th January. The second was held on Sunday 27th and Monday 28th January. The third introductory course was  held over the Canberra Day weekend on Sunday 10th and Monday 11th March. Demonstrators for the three sessions were Robin Cromer (spindle) and Rod Tier (bowl). Tutors included Dan Steiner, Dave Callan, Fred Buckley, Peter Bloomfield and Satnam Singh.

Students and Tutors felt that the courses were very valuable and all students were accredited to use the Guild lathes.

Pictures taken during the first two courses can be viewed here.

Pictures taken during the third course can be viewed here.

Windsor Chair making workshop, Kioloa – December 2012

View pictures from the Kioloa Windsor Chair Workshop here.

Boxmaking course – Fred Buckley (8 May – 1 August 2012)

This is  the eighth course that Fred has run for members of the Guild since he joined in 2003. It  runs for a period of thirteen weeks and each class runs for three hours. There is flexibility in the style of boxes, and a range of joinery options to suit both taste and skill levels. The cost will be $550 for tuition plus material costs.

Students who wish to their own materials may do so but timber will need to be machined prior to commencement of the course. Fred can organise this for those who do not have the equipment. Fred has prepared machined material for ten boxes of various sizes and timbers, and students will have a choice of Australian Red Cedar, Blackwood or Papua New Guinea Rosewood. He also have available a wide range of veneers for use in the box lids.

As in previous boxmaking courses, the object will be to develop and improve basic hand-skills and joint-making, through the construction of a jewellery, document, or similar style of box, incorporating either hand-cut dovetails, or other joinery for those not interested in mastering dovetails. Other techniques you will learn from this exercise include mitred corner-joints for the lid frame; veneering for the lid tops; some basic inlay skills for the stringing on the lid; fitting hinges; application of finishes; and lining of jewellery boxes.

Ornamental turning  workshop at Peter Bloomfield’s workshop

View pictures from “Ornamental” afternoon 21 July 2012

Introduction to woodwork – 6 May 2012

After the Open Day in April 2012, an introductory one-day course was run by Terry O’Loughlin and Dave Callan (their second). It was targeted primarily towards new members or current members who wished to brush up on some basic skills.

The course was designed to ease people back into woodworking after a long absence (in some cases not since their school days), or to explore other options in woodworking. It was principally based around using hand tools to make something useful. The first course worked on making a box and everyone left with a handmade heirloom. For this second course, the participants made a marking gauge, and then moved on to making a box. Unfortunately we ran out of time, and the boxes will need to be completed as homework. Everyone expressed their appreciation of the Guild’s efforts and were well pleased with owning their first hand-made woodworking tool, made by themselves – some even used it on starting to make their box. Excellent work. (Dave Callan)

Gifkin Jig – a hands on workshop

Pictures of the Gifkin Jig workshop: 5 February 2012

Creative Weekend

Pictures from the Creative weekend:   25/26 September 2010