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    If you are interested in woodcraft, the Guild is for you.
    Activities include:

  • Featured workshop

    The Guild holds an Annual Exhibition so that members can show their work to colleagues and the public. By subnitting their work to critical evaluation by professional judges, members are able to improve the disign, construction methods and finish of craftwork.

  • 2019 Exhibition
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    Guild Sale at South.Point
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Health and Safety Policy

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Woodworking includes activities that are inherently dangerous to both the worker and others present. Health and Safety, therefore, is the responsibility of all members.

The Guild, through the Committee, is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy environment for all Guild activities. The Guild aims to apply Occupational Health and Safety Management systems consistent with the relevant Australian Standards. Whilst the Guild does not come under the ACT Workcover legislation, we aim to use it as a guide for safe working practices.

Members, by joining the Guild, or renewing their membership, acknowledge responsibility for their personal safety in the first instance, and that they have read, understood and agree to abide by the Guild’s Health and Safety Policy and Procedures. This applies at all Guild activities, whether on the Guild’s premises or at demonstrations / activities at venues other than the Guild’s premises.

The Guild’s Office Bearers, including the Executive members of the Committee, and Special Interest Group Conveners, are to provide leadership in the promotion of a safe working environment.

The Guild’s Committee will take all due and reasonable care to provide a safe working environment for members by:
1.Issuing Health and Safety procedures that include safe working practices for the use of Guild machinery and equipment by members and visitors;
2. Providing resources to implement and support safe working practices;
3. Keeping members informed on safety by including safety issues on the Agenda for meetings, and by publishing safety related information in the Newsletter; and
4. Regularly reviewing and updating this Health and Safety Policy and the Health and Safety Procedures, at least annually.

Other Office Bearers and Special Interest Group (SIG) Conveners shall:
5.Assist the Committee in the execution of their responsibilities, and perform their own designated duties, which include:
a. supervise the relevant approved activities of the Guild;
b. ensure that all safety procedures and instructions are complied with;
c. arrange for members undertaking any new or unfamiliar procedures to receive adequate instruction and supervision;
d. ensure administrative restraints on the operation of specific machinery are observed by personally supervising non-accredited members, or arranging for an accredited operator to supervise the operation of specific machinery;
e. arrange for visitors and new members to receive an induction tour of the Shed to include familiarization with the operations of the Guild and ensuring their safety;
f. request any unauthorized person, or any visitors or members who appear to be affected by drugs or alcohol, or who are acting in a dangerous or disruptive manner, to vacate the premises, and then enter the relevant details in the Incident Register;
g. immediately place an Out of Order sign on defective or unsafe machinery, and quarantine defective or unsafe tools, and enter details in the Incident Register; and
h. apply the Guild’s emergency procedures in the event of personal injury or any emergency situation such as fire or extreme weather.The Safety Officer is to investigate accidents and incidents and document the outcomes and/or resolutions reached.
6. The Safety Officer is to maintain records relating to the health and safety activities of members. He/she also acts as Chief Fire Warden.
7. The Shed Boss also acts as Deputy Chief Fire Warden.
8. The SIG Convenors also act as the Shed Boss, SIG Health and Safety Representative and the SIG Fire Warden.

All Members are expected to contribute to a safe work environment by making best endeavours to protect their own safety and that of fellow members while undertaking Guild Activities and, in particular:
9. Sign the Attendance Book (to ensure our compliance with our insurance policy);
10. Comply with all safety instructions and observe any restrictions placed on the operation of machinery or equipment;
11. Comply with any request bearing on health and safety issues by a Committee Member, other Office Bearer, or SIG Convener;
12. Ensure they wear appropriate clothing and footwear and tie back long hair when attending SIG Meetings, Drop in Workshops and other Guild working activities;
13. Provide their own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) when attending SIG Meetings, Drop-in Workshops, Demonstrations and other approved Guild activities where protection is required, or use PPE provided by the Guild to protect their health and safety;
14. Not interfere with or remove any safety guard or device, other than may be necessary when adjusting a machine, and to ensure all safety guards and devices are put back in place when they have completed any adjustments and before operating the machine;
15. Protect their own health and safety, and that of others, by not working while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
16. Attend relevant equipment familiarization and specific machinery accreditation courses if use of those Guild facilities is intended;
17. Report any unsafe operation of machinery, other unsafe activities, or new hazards, to a Committee Member, other Office Bearer, Shed Boss, or SIG Convener, or acting SIG Convener. If an Office Bearer is not immediately available, bring the matter to the attention of the offending member, and if he/she persists, request him/her to vacate the premises, then report the incident in the Incident Register.
18. Advise a relevant Guild Office Bearer (eg Safety Officer, SIG Convenor) of anything of which they are aware which would improve safety in Guild activities.

Contractors and Visitors:
19. Must sign the Attendance Book.
20. Contractors are to operate in accordance with the ACT Occupational Health and Safety Act 1989 and any other relevant legislation, and respond to requests by the Shed Boss.
21. Visitors are to conduct themselves and their activities in a safe manner, and observe any reasonable request from any responsible member of the Guild.

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