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    The Guild holds an Annual Exhibition so that members can show their work to colleagues and the public. By subnitting their work to critical evaluation by professional judges, members are able to improve the disign, construction methods and finish of craftwork.

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Introduction to Woodturning

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Want to learn woodturning?

In 2017, to better cater for new members, and to streamline the woodturning accreditation process, the Guild introduced a new Special Interest Group (SIG)  –  the Introduction to Woodturning SIG.

When: 6 to 9:15pm on the first and third Thursday of each month
Where: The Shed
Contact: Craig Pennifold , or on 0419 274 585.

Please note that this SIG is only intended for beginners with no previous experience of woodturning.  While it is aimed at new members of the Guild, any existing member with no woodturning skills is also welcome to attend, as the purpose of the SIG is to teach beginners basic turning techniques, and the safe use of tools and equipment, to a point where they are ready to attempt accreditation testing.  Once accredited, members are then be expected to leave this SIG and join one or more of the regular turning SIGs, to further develop their skills with the assistance of experienced colleagues.

The format of this SIG is a brief introductory discussion of a particular tool and / or turning technique;  leading to a short demonstration by an instructor;  followed by an individual practice session, in which students will attempt to apply the new skill under the guidance of an experienced mentor.  This sequence may be repeated during the evening with another tool / technique, depending on the speed with which students can absorb and apply each lesson.  When they first join the SIG, beginners are given a Progress Checklist of turning skills, and their progress at each session is signed off by the instructor who has mentored them during that evening.

We intend these sessions to be relaxed and enjoyable, with no pressure to “perform”.  Students are free to learn at their own pace, and we try to be as flexible as possible in catering for individual learning differences.  As skills develop, we introduce simple projects, requiring a combination of techniques, which result in students having something to take home and “show off”.

We estimate that, on average, beginners will take about four to five consecutive SIG sessions (three months) to achieve sufficient proficiency to attempt accreditation, and “graduate” to the regular SIGs.

There is no requirement to register for this SIG, but you are expected to have joined the Guild before attending your first session (this will ensure you have insurance coverage).  You do not have to bring your own tools, as the Guild has teaching sets of the essential turning tools for members to use (if you have any tools, however, you are welcome to bring them along and have them assessed for suitability by the instructors).  Wooden “blanks” for the practice sessions will be supplied from Guild stocks, at no charge to students.

Please wear relatively close-woven, high-necked tops (for example, a football jersey or tracksuit top) to avoid the discomfort of wood shavings getting under your clothes;  and closed footware is essential (protective work shoes / boots are preferred).

Protective high-impact face shields will be provided by the Guild, but you are welcome to bring your own if you have one.  If you wear glasses, they should have standard shatterproof lenses.