Turning with a difference

I like to be exposed to different aspects of woodcraft so I want to share with you what I have experimented with. I want to encourage you to try different things even if you think it might be too hard.

In the gallery there are a couple of pieces which are turned on several axes e.g. Wrendition – 4 axes, spider legs 3 axes. There could perhaps be easier ways to make such pieces but where’s the fun it that? Multi-axis or off-centre turning can make for some unique designs and the challenge of success is very satisfying. Jean Francois Escoulen is the Master of such work.

Why not bring in dynamics with the 5-segmented diamonds, which can rotate separately inside each.

In designing the profile of the couple, the subjects didn’t question why I not only wanted to take their pictures but also why did I have to stick a piece of gaffer tape to their cheeks?

The chess and backgammon travelling set took about 15 months to design and make. I also wrote and illustrated a book about it too. Except for the knight, which needed some carving, all pieces where completely turned.

The segmented ‘turnings’ such as 360 piece Globe, not only gives you the opportunity to make bigger and more stable pieces but also contrasting wood can be used e.g. arctic, temperate and tropical zones on the Globe or the gum leaves on the vase.

The Pot from a Box Elder Root not only was challenge to turn with all the bark intrusions but also rocks and mud like brick dust had to be extracted on a regular basis and did ‘wonders’ to the sharpness of the tools

I hope you will see something in my work that inspires you to try to do something that you have not tried before.

Aim to have fun.

Feel free to contact me at turnit@webone.com.au


Simon Fisk