Updated September 2023


Demonstrate rip, crosscut, round and curved cutting and use of fence as well as jigs for logs and circles. Address the below demonstrating you are comfortable operating the machine safely and have an understanding of the associated safety concerns.

Machine purpose

Explain what the Bandsaw is used for and its limitations in processing timber – when to use and not use.

Wood preparation

Check workpiece for metal inclusions.

Explain the importance of workpiece stability and how to achieve this.

Bandsaw limitations – depth of cut, curve/blade size issues, and workpiece size.

No green wood.

Machine setup and operation

Identify things that need checking prior to use, including blade choice and condition, tension and blade wheel and guide systems.

You will need to be able to demonstrate how to set up the Bandsaw to cut:

  • a straight line, with and across the grain
  • a curved line
  • a round piece of timber (with jig)
  • a circle (with jig).

While setting up for these cuts please explain

  • set up adjustment options and accuracy issues including fence/ feather board/jig use
  • what safety considerations you are making as you go (eg stance, kickback issues, push stick use, workpiece size, hand placement)
  • speed of cut considerations
  • causes of binding and burning; what to do to avoid; tailing options for long workpieces
  • dos and don’ts (e.g. leave machine running/grain issues/workpiece stability/green wood/dust extraction)
  • what is best practice (including when cleaning/adjusting components/dust extraction/fixing problems, getting help).

Member responsibilities

  • ID the relevant PPE and clothing/adornment (including hair)
  • responsibilities to others including unsafe behaviours and misuse of machines
  • clean up of blades and machine after use
  • reporting of maintenance issues to the SIG leader/Shed Boss.