Created September 2023


Starting with an undressed board to create a workpiece with two reference edges at 90 degrees to themselves. Address the below demonstrating you are comfortable operating the machine safely and have an understanding of the associated safety concerns.

Machine purpose

Explain what the jointer is used for and its limitations in dressing a board.

Wood preparation

Explain issues presented by cupped, twisted, bowed and second-hand timber.

Use of metal detector, wire brush, and when not to use the jointer (size, grain and surface issues).

Machine setup and operation

Demonstrate how to set up the jointer and make a flat workpiece a) face and b) edge. Explain

  • set up adjustment options and accuracy issues
  • what safety/risk considerations you are making as you go, e.g. stance, kickback issues, push stick use, workpiece size.
  • what is best practice (including when cleaning/adjusting components/fixing problems/getting help).

Member responsibilities

  • ID the relevant PPE and clothing/adornment (including hair)
  • dos and don’ts, including dust extraction and clean up obligations
  • what responsibilities do you have toward other users, including unsafe behaviours and misuse of machines
  • reporting maintenance issues to the SIG leader/Shed Boss.