Created September 2023


Create a flat parallel faced workpiece.

Machine purpose

Explain what the thicknesser is used for and its limitations in dressing a board.

What is flat/parallel?

Wood preparation

Flat surface, size considerations, when a sled might be needed and what not to put through a thicknesser (e.g. end grain breadboards).

Removal of loose and unwanted finish/glue.

Machine setup and operation

Demonstrate how to set up the thicknesser and thickness a board to a set thickness.  Explain

  • set up adjustment options and accuracy issues
  • what safety considerations you are making as you go (e.g. stance, kickback issues, push stick use, workpiece size, hand placement)
  • what is best practice (including when cleaning/ adjusting components/fixing problems, getting help)
  • dos and don’ts (e.g. leave machine running/ grain issues/snipe)

Member responsibilities

  • identify the relevant PPE and clothing/adornment (including hair)
  • your responsibilities to other machine users, machine care, tidy up
  • reporting of maintenance issues to the SIG leader/Shed Boss.