• Woodcraft Guild ACT Inc.

    If you are interested in woodcraft, the Guild is for you.
    Activities include:

  • Featured workshop
    Members Champ R Barfoed
    Members Champ R Barfoed

    The Guild holds an Annual Exhibition so that members can show their work to colleagues and the public. By subnitting their work to critical evaluation by professional judges, members are able to improve the disign, construction methods and finish of craftwork.

  • Guild Sale at South.Point
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  • Get in Touch

    The Woodcraft Guild ACT
    PO Box 1411
    Woden ACT 2606


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Resources available to members to enhance their woodcraft experience are many and varied. In addition to the wide range of timber,  woodworking tools and equipment that are available at the Shed, we have information to assist in the planning, designing and execution of your projects.

The Library contains a wealth of books, videos and DVDs on a wide range of topics related to woodcraft. Click here for the Library.

A number of interesting presentations made at meetings and  articles that have been published are also available on this website. Click here for Presentations and Articles.

 The Guild is fortunate to have a significant number of sponsors from the business community with interests in woodcraft. A list of the Guild’s primary sponsors and links to their web sites is available on this website. Click here for Sponsors and links.

The Guild has a printed brochure that is used for promotion of the organisation at community events. Click here for a copy of the Brochure.

The Guild holds a certain amount of timber in stock for members to purchase at reasonable prices. The timber is often obtained from street trees or suburban house trees that have fallen or need to be removed. These are slabbed and dried at the Shed for later use or sale. Click here for Timber Sales.

As an Incorporated Association, the Guild is required to have a formal set of Objects and Rules by which the organisation is managed. Click here for the Objects and Rules.