The Guild Library

The Guild maintains a modest, but pertinent, collection of books, periodicals, and videos relating to all aspects of woodworking.  For ease of reference, the book collection is organised into subject categories reflecting the Special Interest Groups within the Guild, plus sections for specialized subjects like tool sharpening, finishes and wood identification. The Guild also subscribes to Australian and international woodworking magazines, the current issues of which are made available at the Shed for members to read.  Past issues are bound into volumes and retained in the Library for reference purposes – we hold complete collections of most of these periodicals.

Guild members may borrow items from the library at any time when the Shed is open. We levy a small borrowing fee to help fund the purchase of new items.  A significant proportion of the collection has been donated to the Guild by members and the families of former members.

The following catalogues are available to members.

The Guild Librarian is Colin Parkinson and can be contacted at

We encourage members to consider our Library when rationalizing their private holdings of woodworking books and videos. 

Presentations & Articles

Please provide feedback on what references or particular areas of interest you would like to see here.

Basic toolkit – Terry O’Loughlin

Mastering the card scraper – Matthew Teague

How to sharpen a card scraper – Michael Pekovich

Making a Workbench – Fred Buckley

Using that split log – Richard Raffan

Split Ends – Get rid of defects – Richard Raffan

Blackwood presentation part1  and Blackwood presentation part 2 – Robin Cromer

Botanical and common names of trees – Terry O’Loughlin

List of ACT Street Trees – TAMS

Why are Oaks called Oaks? – Robin Cromer

Timber Identification – Dr  Roger Heady

Making a Froe – Tools Appreciation Group

Using Froes

Types of steel used in woodwork – Terry O’Loughlin

Removing rust from steel by electrolysis – Jan Reksten

Raw material to masterpiece – Karm Haddad (Monthly meeting 26 May 2022)

Suggested Suppliers

  • Kunos Oil – Ready mixed Kunos oil can be bought from Bungendore Woodworks. They use Natural oil Sealer N0 244 from Livos. Bungendore Woodworks mix the oil with Svalos thinner no 222 in the ratio of 1:1. Alternatively you can buy direct from Livos and mix yourself. If  you buy large quantities you seal it properly because it does go off if left for a long time.
  • Osmo Oil – German oil with all natural ingredients including Thistle Oil, Sunflower Oil and Carnauba Wax which are non-toxic, and the finishes are approved safe for children’s toys and food safe when dry. Can be purchased from Thor’s Hammer in Griffith.
  • Wax – Liberon Wax polish Black Bison CLEAR. This can be bought from Endangered Heritage in Fyshwick (Shop 8 Paragon Mall, 8-20 Gladstone St).  They also sell Liberon Touch Up Crayons that can very useful in filling and hiding mistakes.
Wood grain filler
Casting Resin
  • ACT Fibreglass. It now operates from the owner’s home in O’Connor on limited hours and days – (02) 6280 6484; 15A David St, O’Connor ACT. Need to phone before you attend.
  • Top Veneer (Qld) is a good hobby supplier – . They sell an 0.3 kg Marquetry mix for $19 plus a 1 kg mix for $39. They also stock marquetry tape and a range of veneers which are pictured on their web site. The veneers include sequentially cut ‘leaves’ which can be used for book matching.
  • Australian Premier Veneers – Victoria – Are also good. They seem to stock larger leaf sizes than Top Veneer.
  • Kerrie Bear Veneers (WA) is now a useful source of both natural and coloured veneers in Australia. Her prices are generally lower than east coast suppliers but her web site is not very comprehensive. You may need to give her a call to sort out requirements.
  • Consolidated Panels & Veneers –  Horsley Park, NSW – Can supply unglued ‘Thermo leaf” veneers (2.44 m x 305 mm) at good prices. These veneers would generally be rolled up for posting.
  • Original Marquetry (UK) sell coloured (including packs) and rare veneers that are not always available from sources in Australia.
  • The Timber Veneer Association of Australia web site includes an explanation the basics about veneers, how they are made and how that affects the way they look.
  • Boutique Timbers – Australian cabinet timbers, generally available as wide boards and slabs. Spokes Road, Ballengarra via Port Macquarie. (02) 6585-8296.
  • Djarilmari Timber Products – PO Box 550 Denmark WA 6333. (08) 9848-2020.
  • East Coast Specialised Timbers – Tasmanian timbers for box making. 16 Rex Court St Helens Tasmania. (03) 6376-2885.
  • Misan Craftwood – Tasmanian and other Australian timbers. 30 Bass Highway Roundhill, Burnie, Tasmania.  0418-182-800.
  • Sitco Australia – Solomon Islands eco-timbers, including Queen Ebony in blocks or cut for box making. They stock other island timbers. 9 Lucy Street Moorooka Qld. (07) 3392-7111.
  • Trend Timbers – Australian and imported cabinet timbers. 15 Railway Road North Mulgrave NSW. (02) 4577-5277.
  • McJing Tools – A wide range of tools and workshop machinery for engineering and woodwork. 454 Hume Highway, Yagoona, NSW.  (02)  9709-8805.

COVID Box Making Workshop with Ray Halpin & Robin Cromer – via Zoom – 2021

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

Making a jewellery box with legs
Floating tenon jig for router
Shaping the curve on a box
Making and using a mortising jig
Fitting knife hinges
Wood Hinge for boxes with Rob Cosman

COVID Box Making Workshop with Ray Halpin – via Zoom – 2020

1. Making a shooting board
2. Dimensioning Jig
3. Dimensioning wood for boxes
4. Rebating with a hand held router
5. Trim final
6. Smoothing operations
7. Let’s stick together veneer
8a. Hingeby hand
8b. Hinges
9. Cutting straight
10. Joining veneer
11. Handle with care

Maintenance and Good Practice Procedures

Blade Clamp Maintenance – Sheila Landry

Seashell Workshop – Ray Hinton

Making Jigsaw Puzzles – David French

Fretwork Pictures – Bev Bayley

Double Bevel Marquetry – Don Rowland

Cutting Marquetry with a knife – Don Rowland

The Scroll Saw – David French

Scroll Saw Tips – David McEwan and David French

What Blade Should I Use – Helen and Owen Harris

Harris Blades –  Helen and Owen Harris

Basics and methods – Vivien Laycock

Signing your piece – Pyro 101 – Vivien Laycock

Photo to sketch software – Vivien Laycock

Nib types – Vivien Laycock

Timber selection – Vivien Laycock

Variable temperature machines – Vivien Laycock

River tables –  Epoxy pitfalls and frustrations – Braden Longo – Monthly Meeting 31 March 2022

Description of numerous resins and epoxies and their best applications – Paul Sulway – Monthly Meeting 24 November 2022

Leather Presentation – Jim Gray – Monthly Meeting 30 June 2022

Leather supplierBirdsall Leather – Split Pig skin all leather, leather tools. Great for lining boxes – search website for split pigskin. 36 Chegwyn St, Botany NSW 2019. (02) 9316 6299;;

Integrating woodwork into children’s program activities – Annette Davis – Monthly Meeting 28 July 2022